About Us


At Babydoll we offer maximum assortment of styles, sizes and colors and claim to be the biggest  Lingerie Destination in Pakistan. We have all women assistance, because its by the woman for the women. you can chat or call to get live help. If you have size concern, fit consult is there to calculate your perfect fit and suggest styles suitable for your body type. Babydoll is designed to be woman’s best friend, to believe this, you need to experience it. we have something for everyone keeping in mind women from different socioeconomic statuses. Since women couldn’t find any at home in Pakistan and especially not online! So we decided to bring the Lingerie home to them. ALL of it.

BabyDoll – A Woman’s Best Friend

Here at Babydoll, our first priority is the customer. Because you can be wearing Western clothes or Eastern clothes, a tank top or an abaya, one fact remains the same: every woman needs great inner wear. You deserve it. Great lingerie, unfortunately, is not the one same good bra you call your favourite. Just like all women are different, so are there lingerie needs. Maybe you are a young bride gathering her trousseau, looking for bridal nightwear or lacy lingerie sets. Perhaps you are fourteen and just developing breasts, in search for your very first training bra to get you started. Maybe you have the most incredible fitted silk trousers to wear to a shaadi, thighs that bulge out unattractively from the sides and no shapewear to control them. We all have different problems and concerns. And at Babydoll, we have a solution for them all. Our online store has the widest range of lingerie possible available on the website, featuring everything from starter training bras to everyday t-shirt bras, cosy pajamas to that one convertible bra that can solve all your problems. We are here to help YOU.