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Bioaqua Intimate Pink Magic Skin Care Whitening Sensitive Parts 30 Grams


Intimate Pink Magic Skin Care pink Lip and privates lightening Cream Plump.

  • No Harm To Skin
  • 100% High Quality 
  • Skin Lightening 
  • Instant Result
  • Waterproof Long Lasting
  • Whitening for Sensitive Parts

Quantity: 30g

It can improve the brightless lips and skin to more bright.
Apply to Lip and private parts 
Natural pigments plant material.
After using 3 days , dull color fade out, after 7 days lips and skin generally magic pink up.

Directions: Use it as lip gloss or lighten private part everyday, 2 to 3 days a time. Before use, Clean the dull skin part, then apply a thin layer on, 1 or 2 times a day.

Dr. James Fitting Vagina Tablets (4 Tablets)


This pill works like a shot because it dissolves and therefore the alteration effects can last for 2-3 hours. Leucorrhoea (vagina discharge) can disappear once the flavoring capsules area unit inserted. Having sexuality is feasible once the pill is within the epithelial duct, providing abundant pleasure to each parties. Appropriate for ladies United Nations agency have loose epithelial duct muscles.

  • Fitting Like Virgin
  • 100% Herbal, No Side Effect
  • Immediately Effect

1- For treatment of uterhra of all kind. Leucorrhoea will be disappeared when herbal capsules is inserted.
2- Having sexual intercourse is possible even capsules is used and infection can be prevented.
3- Suitable for married women for tightening females sexual organ like youg girls
4- In case of pain on abdomen or uterusis mouth, the pain will be disappeared. 

Directions:  Insert into the vagina, it will melt in 2-3 hours inside vagina, use every 3 days.

Country of Origin: UK 

Quantity: 4 Teblets

Package: Box

Aivoye Intimate Pinkis Cream Whitening Private Parts For Women 15 ML


Get Pink Privates Parts is all natural ingredient has been specially formulated to help get rid of skin discoloration that can be on or around your intimate, sensitive, and more private areas.

  • 100 % Naturall ingredients 
  • All Skin Types
  • Lighten Sensitive Parts
  • Brighten Skin Discoloration
  • No Side Effects

Using High-Tech: Using high-tech biological extraction technology for effective maintenence and whitening for sensitive parts. 

Quantity: 15 ML

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